Since the launch of the government’s green paper on National Health Insurance, initiatives have started to improve health care services. The National Health Council gave a directive that Primary Health Care facilities must all conform to the Ideal, within the next three years, starting in April 2015. The work is now spearheaded through the use of Operation Phakisa, with a focus on service delivery, reduced waiting time, and infrastructure improvement, amongst others. Branding, which includes nameplates, labels, direction boards, etc. is one of the prerequisites to attain Ideal status. As part of the NHI pilot programme, Virtual Consulting Engineers contributed to the branding of 23 identified health facilities throughout South Africa. This has improved the logistics of communication and operational flow within these facilities.


Virtual Consulting Engineers was appointed as Professional Service Provider for the management of the NHI Infrastructure Maintenance Programme. The primary aim of this programme is to repair and renovate buildings and related infrastructure of health facilities, which include Community Health Centres, Clinics and hospitals. Moreover, the programme advanced identified clinics by upgrading of facilities, which included standby electricity and water, disabled facilities, medical and municipal waste areas, consulting and multi-purpose rooms and other such work, to attain “Ideal Clinic” status. The programme has to date been implemented in all provinces across in South Africa. Virtual Consulting Engineers, as the employer’s principal agent, is responsible for project scope management, implementation of time, cash flow management as well as quality of the works

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