The National Youth Service (NYS) programme was launched by the National Department of Public Works (DPW) in 2004 as part of its Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). This initiative was introduced as a means to train and provide young people with practical work experience over a five-year period.

Virtual Consulting Engineers was tasked with the responsibility of rendering programme management services to the DPW and the Umsobomvu Youth Fund. The company’s approach entailed offering a comprehensive service and overall coordination in this regard, and co-opting specialists to ensure the highest standard of training.

Virtual Consulting Engineers’ services in respect of this project included:

  • The identification of projects which will enable young people to be trained for a minimum period of six months on site
  • Planning of orientation and life skills opportunities
  • Analyses of the technical training required for beneficiaries
  • Coordinating arrangements for technical training by accredited training providers
  • Monitoring and managing the beneficiaries, whilst ensuring exposure to on-site practical work experience
  • Facilitating recruitment and further learning opportunities for beneficiaries.